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    So you got your the new Apple iPhone 4 or are thinking about getting one? If you are then here are 10 Apple iPhone 4 useful tips for new users to know.


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    Tips on How to Avoid Getting Fired

    How to Avoid Getting Fired

    It is very important to know these tips on how to avoid getting fired. With the recent downturn in the economy more and more are finding themselves out of a job. As jobs become harder to find it means those that have a good job need to be sure they keep it. These 10 tips on how to avoid getting fired will help you make sure you keep your job secure. It is crucial that as an employer you do not come under the scrutiny of your employee.


    1. Be great at what you do: There are many people who excel in their jobs. Others simply go along with the flow while there are those who just downright put no effort in their job performance. One of the top reasons for being fired is poor work ethics by an employee. If you put forth excellence, you will outshine all others around you.

    2. Be on time: One of the things employees frown upon is lateness. Being punctual will help solidify your stature in the company as a reliable person.

    5. Inappropriate behavior: Inappropriate behavior can mean many things. It can mean sexual harassment to lying, stealing or having an affair with one of your co-workers. The list for this category is endless so it is always best to be on your best behavior while in the work place.

    4. Bad mouthing the company: Having an anti-establishment attitude is a sure way to get fired. Recently someone was fired for posting how much he hated his job on Facebook. Keep your personal opinions to yourself. If you have a problem, then speak to a supervisor in private.

    Avoid Gettng Kicked from your Job


    5. Abusing Company resources: The sudden rise and popularity of social media spots like Facebook and Twitter have given a new meaning to abusing company resources. The list of those being canned for using Facebook while they are supposed to be working grows daily. Don't be one of them. Do your status updates on your own time.

    6. Know what your boss wants: It is imperative to know and understand the key concerns of your



    employee. You have to know and be concerned about any problems your boss may be having or working on. Having a god rapport with your boss is what will either make or break your career.



    7. Be a team Player: The old cliché of there is no "I" in team has never sounded better. Many employees try to do things on their own or refuse to work with their co-workers. In any field, it is always best to work together with others.

    8. Relate salary with your Job role: Many people feel that they are not getting paid enough for what they do or that they deserve more. This can work against you as it will hinder you from putting forth your best. If you do more than what is expected of you, sooner or later you will get noticed.


    9. Get in sync and go with the flow: You must always respect and be synchronized with the company's culture. If you choose to play the rebel instead of being formal, it may backfire on you and even cost you your job.

    10. Going beyond the call of Duty: One thing to keep in mind is that when you do your job "it is what is expected of you" However, when you go out of your way and go beyond your duties it is a guaranteed to get you noticed for it.

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